As a kid my family and I would go to Doheny State Beach every 4th of July. We always ate the juiciest galbi and would swim right after we ate (HAHAH, I know.) The fireworks show would end our night and it was always the perfect day to spend with my family. 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays so I wanted create something to commemorate this.

Throughout this particular process, I got to meet a fellow pioneer named Josh Chang who is changing the way we communicate to each other. Josh has just launched Kernl (now available in the app store,) which is a video app that allows users to sell their products/services through live videos. It's a way for people to discover new ways to share the stories behind their products. I believe Kernl is a game changer and I have the amazing opportunity to partner with them for this God Bless Pizza Tee.  

Click this link to purchase this shirt through Kernl! 


The story behind the creation of this hat comes from my good friend Kirby (yes, the cute ass pink Nintendo video game character). Kirby has a wealth of knowledge about the fashion industry having worked in this space for quite some time. Being somewhat of a fashion maven himself, he was immediately inspired to create a super simple FITLFE "dad hat" that highlights the FITLFE logo, the pizza. He believed in the idea and concept so much, that he fronted all the cash for production. The birth of this product, is exactly what FITLFE stands for. FITLFE serves as a platform for people to be inspired, creative, and ultimately to realize their passions. I love you John. Thank you for contributing to this community.

Model: Priscilla fakehomie Morales

Cinematography: Evan Chan



The Zero Calorie Tee was inspired by Bart Kwan! We were cutting down last year to get shredded and Bart would often times joke about eating pizza that had no calories (which doesn't exist) so we finally made one! HAHA 

Model: Marshall Kim

Unfortunately the Zero Calorie Tee and The Kirby Hat will no longer be available or restocked. If you don't want to miss out on future products, leave your email address here! 

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