Bart Kwan, began his diet at 195 lbs and was able to cut down to 184 lbs in just over 3 months. Although he had lost 11 pounds through the cut, Bart not only retained but increased his strength and managed to set personal records at his powerlifting meet in the 181 lb weight class. He finished the competition hitting 440 lbs on his squat, 340 lbs on his bench, and 550 lbs on his deadlift. 

Not only is Bart a thug on the platform, but is the boss at Barbell Brigade. Bart has impacted thousands of people from all over the world with his work ethic, wisdom, straight outta Compton origins, humor and smelly farts. Bart has also kept his ethnicity a secret for over 8 years. He's Taiwanese everybody!! 

I love Bart Kwan with all of my heart <3